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METAL 3D Printer

Characterized by fast printing speed, high-precision components, and low cost, binder jetting metal 3D printing is regarded as one of the crucial technologies suitable for mass production.  Working with the leader in binder jetting metal 3D printing, we can provide the best solutions for intricate and challenging demands across various industries.


It is a flagship product designed to efficiently produce medium-sized and large-sized parts. It has garnered significant success across multiple industries.

  • Build Chamber : L550 * W370 * H200 mm (L21.65 *W 14.57 *H 7.87inch)

  • Build Volume: 40.7Liters

  • Max build rate: 2442cc/hour

  • Layer Height: Adjustable from 30~200µm

High Temperature Sintering Furnace.png

We provide the all-in-one Metal printing solution which consists of the following equipment:

  • Metal 3D printer

  • Curing oven

  • Automatic Depowdering Station

  • High Temperature Sintering Furnace

We have different combination of equipment made for schools or research centers, or cost-effective solution to fulfill your mass-production requirements.


It is specifically designed for rapid production of small-scale production-grade parts.
It offers fast and reliable printing capabilities, catering to the needs of medium-sized products.

  • Build chamber: L400 xW250 xH200 mm(L15.75 x W9.84 x H7.87 inch)

  • Build volume: 20 Liters

  • Max build rate:1440cc/hour

  • Layer Height: Adjustable from 40-200um

Metal powder.jpg

We work with the experts in binder jet industry to provide materials versatility and expanding the material portfolio which include:

  • Metal

  • Non-metallic material

  • Sand (Natural and synthetic)

  • Ongoing research for (Tungsten carbide / Aluminum, Magnesium

L us know what you need and we may provide the suitable material for you.


As an entry-level model for metal binder jetting, it is designed to cater to the research and development needs of universities and institutions, focusing on material exploration, process innovation,and other related areas.

  • ​Build Chamber:L150 xW70 xH70 mm(L5.91 xW2.76 x H2.76 inch)

  • Build volume: 0.735 Liters

  • Max build rate:189cc/hour

  • Layer Height: Adjustable from 40-200μm

SS printed parts-3.jpg

Our 3D metal printer not only supports different types of metal and alloy, we also have parts gallery and case studies forom the following:

  • Aerospace

  • MIM (Metal Injection Molding)

  • Founderies

  • Pumps & Hydraulics

  • Automotive

  • Molds & Cores

  • R&D

  • Artistic Sculpture

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