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Materials Versatility
Expanding the Materials Portfolio


17-4PH SS  /  304L SS   /  316L SS    /  420 SS
Inconel 625   /  Inconel 718   /  Ti Alloys  /  Tool Steel   / Copper

Non-metallic material

Ceramics  /  Polymer

Sand (Natural and synthetic)

Quartz sand  / Silica sand   / Precoated sand

Ongoing Research

Tungsten Carbide  /  Aluminum   / Magnesium ...

Essential for Diverse Powder Materials

Our binders are essential for achieving a wide range of powder materials in 3D printing. They deliver specific characteristics, considering factors like viscosity, saturation, and penetration. Continual optimization ensures improved green strengths and tailored properties for superior printing results.

Binder Testing

PhenolSol: A solvent-based binder with low viscosity that demonstrates excellent compatibility with both metallic and non-metallic powders.


HydroBond: A water-based resin binder that exhibits exceptional performance with metallic and non-metallic powders.


CleanBond: An advanced binder formulation that leaves behind minimal carbon residue, making it ideal for metallic powders sensitive to carbon presence.


NanoBond: Our ongoing research and development efforts focus on incorporating nanoparticles into the binder formulation. This innovative approach aims to enhance part quality. Stay tuned for future updates on this exciting development.


FuranBond: A specialized binder designed specifically for sand applications.


With our comprehensive range of binders, we will empowers you to achieve remarkable results across a diverse range of powder materials, delivering exceptional 3D-printed parts for your specific needs.

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