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Are you looking for products from the Far East and worry aboutr the suppliers' credit or not receiving quality products or services from your current suppliers?

Ace Asia has extensive experiences in automotive, computer, electronic, med & health products and we help many of our long term customers to find the products from Taiwan and China for almost 20 years.  Sometimes the products they need are out of our standard product lines and we can still help outsourcing those products or services based on their requirements.  (Examples:  The most unique requirements which include help finding garlic farm or checking with Taiwan government's agriculture department on garlic stocklots for McDonald's spice supplier, or help finding spacer & wood suppliers for Power Plant...etc.)

Don't waste more time and money on travelling to overseas or establish branch office in the Far East.   If you need someone to help you find the right product in the most efficient way, help monitoring factory side, check the product quality, negotiate the best price, arrange logistic or visit production site to help solving technical issues...etc.  We are the right partner you can count on.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our outsourcing services.

Outsourcing services

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