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METAL 3D Printer
Integrated Solutions

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Metal 3D printer.jpg

Metal 3D Printer

Our cutting-edge Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer initiates the manufacturing process by selectively depositing a liquid binder onto a powder bed using a specialized print head. Layer by layer, this precise deposition forms intricate designs and structures, ultimately creating the final 3D-printed part.

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Automatic Depowdering Station.png

Automatic Depowdering Station

At the Depowdering Station, excess powder is meticulously removed from the 3D-printed components. This critical step ensures the elimination of any residual powder from intricate geometries, leaving behind a clean and ready-to-progress object.

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Curing Oven.png

Curing Oven

In this step, the binder is thermally cured to ensure the printed layers solidify and adhere securely, preparing the 3D-printed object for subsequent processing. This is particularly crucial as green parts can be fragile, making depowdering challenging. By heating them to around 140 degrees, we enhance their strength for the upcoming depowdering process.

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High Temperature Sintering Furnace.png

High Temperature Sintering Furnace

The final transformation takes place in the High Temperature Sintering Furnace. Here, the 3D-printed object undergoes a controlled heating process to densify the parts, making them suitable for producing functional components. This thermal treatment binds the metal particles together, achieving the desired mechanical properties and structural integrity, resulting in a fully realized, durable metal component.

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