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Voice Satellite


VST-809 is a ZigBee voice satellite that enables the user to summon emergency help with a single button press. It offers high-clarity, hands-free, two-way communication that allows monitoring personnel to assess emergency situations quickly so as to dispatch timely assistance.

VST-809 can be installed in an easily accessible or frequently visited location in your home. The user can also use VST-809 to make non-emergency calls.


  • High-clarity, hands-free, two-way communication with monitoring personnel in the event of an emergency

  • ZigBee wireless networking

  • Low battery detection

  • Low power consumption

  • Excellent voice quality allows the user to answer within 10m from VST-809

  • Four selectable levels of microphone sensitivity

  • Built-in microphone and speaker

  • Adjustable speaker volume

  • Can be used to make non-emergency calls

  • LED status indicators

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