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Smart Home Alarm Systems
VST-27XX Series


The VST-27XX Series offers control panels with LCD displays that efficiently combine security monitoring with visual reporting, lighting control, home automation and energy management. System services can be operated from a smartphone anytime.




Three Models


The VST-27XX Series has three models with different networking options to meet installation requirements:

VST-2735: IP panel

VST-2745: GSM panel

VST-2752: IP and GSM panel



Home Security


The VST-27XX Series sets up 40 zones to protect your property. Reporting alarms both to the monitoring center and the user, the series adopts DTMF CID reporting over GSM, CID/SIA reporting over Ethernet and GPRS, SMS reporting and visual reporting. VST-2745 and VST-2752 provide the listen-in feature and voice reporting. Three selectable “home arming” modes are available.



Visual Verification


The VST-27XX Series works with IP cameras and camera PIR sensors. When an incident happens, visual alerts are sent to the monitoring center and the user for alarm verification via live video, alarm videos or alarm images on a PC or a smartphone.



Home Portal Server and App Control


The VST-27XX Series is linked to Home Portal Server for you to control smart home services via the Vesta Home App on your smartphone. You can remotely manage system functions anytime, anywhere.



Home Automation and Energy Management


The VST-27XX Series can integrate ZigBee sensors to automatically control your home appliances and energy-saving devices such as power meter switches, power switches and dimmer switches to help reduce energy consumption.



Easy Programming and Remote Firmware Updates


You can use web, SMS or app programming to configure the VST-27XX Series, which has remote firmware update capabilities to acquire the latest features.


  • Options of reporting paths: IP and GSM/GPRS

  • 40 wireless zones to integrate 40 RF or ZigBee sensors

  • Alarm reporting formats include DTMF CID reporting over GSM, modified CID/SIA reporting over Ethernet and GPRS, SMS reporting and video/image reporting

  • Can integrate six IP cameras and six camera PIR sensors for visual verification

  • 2.4GHz DSSS wireless communication interface for image transmission and secure image encryption using the AES algorithm

  • System functions controllable via Home Portal Server on PCs or via the Vesta Home App/Vesta EZ Home App on your smartphone

  • 30-second recordable voice messages

  • Listen-in feature and voice reporting (VST-2745 and VST-2752 only)

  • 3 “home arming” modes offer flexible security levels for the protected premises

  • Home automation to automatically run home appliances

  • Works with power meter switches, power switches and dimmer switches for energy management and lighting control

  • Easy web, SMS or app programming

  • Remote firmware updates to acquire the latest features

  • 50 event logs

  • Compliant with EN 50131

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