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Temperature Sensors


TS-9ZW is a wireless Z-Wave temperature sensor, offering a smart solution to your properties and valuables by monitoring environment temperature fluctuations. Compatible with any Z-Wave mesh networks, the TS-9ZW is ideal for security and home automation applications.

TS-9ZW will alert the system control unit to any irregular activities and send low battery signals as well as regular supervision signals to check system integrity. It provides the best way to monitor home environment temperature to create an energy-saving and comfortable living environment.


  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity

  • Temperature alerts will be activated if temperature fluctuates by +/- 2°C (+/- 35.6°F)

  • Regular supervisory signals ensure device’s proper operation

  • Detects temperature from -10° to 50°C (140°F to 122°F)

  • Wireless for easy installation

  • Compatible with other manufacturer’s Z-Wave systems

  • Reports and transmits temperature conditions according to settings.

  • LED Indicator

  • Compact and slim design

  • Low battery detection

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