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DIN Rail Power Meter Switch


The PSM-DIN2/3ZW is a Z-Wave DIN rail mounted electricity meter designed for reliable performance and easy installation. By providing accurate and detailed information on energy consumption, the PSM-DIN2/3ZW enables users to measure, monitor, and conserve electricity, leading to reduced energy consumption and achieve greater energy efficiency.

The PSM-DIN2/3ZW are available in different configurations to suite many applications. Small enough to fit in standard DIN rail enclosures, the PSM-DIN2/3ZW is quick and easy to install and requires no special housing or rebuilding work.

Besides individual household usage, PSM-DIN2/3ZW can be used commercially, allowing multi-tenant property to measure and manage energy usage in each individual unit. All to assist users to save energy, improve productivity, and increase safety.


  • Can be installed on a power distribution cabinet (installable on a DIN rail)

  • Automatically switches on/off power circuit breakers

  • Measures, monitors and reports energy consumption

  • One input connector and one output connector

  • Overheat protection helps ensure safe operation

  • Reliable, powerful, and accurate

  • LED Indicator doubles as an on/off switch button for local operation

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update capability (PSM-DIN3-ZW only)

  • Available in different configurations to suite different loads

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave products

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