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Power Relay Controller / Power Meter Switch


The slim-sized PRM2-ZBS and PRM2-ZBSR power meters plus relay switches are connected to power cables to measure and report multiple household appliances’ energy consumption. Their electricity consumption reports are viewable online and help you form effective strategies to reduce energy bills. These devices can be installed in ceilings or in wall sockets. 

The PRM2-ZBS and PRM2-ZBSR can be programmed to automatically run home appliances. They enable you to turn on/off appliances from a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. The PRM2-ZBSR also functions as a repeater associated with up to 40 ZigBee devices to extend the wireless range of a security system.


  • Built-in power meters to measure and report energy consumption

  • Enable the user to remotely turn on/off electronic appliances

  • Connected directly to power cables

  • Capability to double as a ZigBee repeater associated with up to 40 end devices (PRM2-ZBSR)

  • Easy installation

  • Compact design

  • Slim-sized

  • ZigBee-controlled for home automation systems

  • Can be remotely or manually controlled

  • Long communications range

  • LEDs serving as status indicators

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee products

  • Extension terminals for connection to external switches

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