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Panic Button


The PB-23ZBS panic button is designed for the user to summon help with one simple button press when an emergency arises. In a critical situation such as a fall, acute medical problem, fire, or burglary, the user can quickly identify the PB-23ZBS’ big red HELP button and activate the device to report an alarm to monitoring personnel.

The effective security solution provided by the PB-23ZBS has residential and commercial applications. It can be installed in the homes of elderly individuals to make their independent living safer. It can also be used in gas stations, convenience stores, hospitals, or other establishments where employees have to work during late hours. When pressed in times of distress, the button triggers a silent alarm to bring emergency assistance to the user.

Adopting the ZigBee Pro HA1.2 standard, the PB-23ZBS is compatible with other manufactures’ ZigBee products. Its LED indicates connection to a ZigBee network as well as reception of the control panel’s signals. The panic button transmits supervisory and low battery signals to the security and smart home panel to ensure its proper operation at all times.


  • Big red button for quick identification and activation

  • Long battery life

  • LED indicates connection to a ZigBee network and reception of the control panel’s signals

  • Regular supervision signals for trouble-free system integrity

  • Low battery detection

  • Simple and modern design

  • IPX6 Water Resistance Rating

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems

  • Wireless allows for easy and flexible installation

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