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The PB-15 Series are wireless panic buttons that allow the user to press for help in emergency situations. During urgent situation such as a fall, acute medical problem, fire or burglary, the user can quickly activate the device to report an emergency to caregiver, monitoring personnel, or authorities. When transmitting alarm signals, the PB-15 flashes it’s LED to indicate to the user that alarm reporting is in progress.

The PB-15 series deliver extensive radio frequency (RF) communication range, and fast signal transmission. PB-15 stands out as a highly cost-effective life safety solution indispensable to a comprehensive emergency alert system. 

Wireless, IP44 water-resistant and wireless, the PB-15 series can be conveniently installed in easily accessible locations, anywhere around the premises, for an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. 


  • Emergency Panic Alarm Button

  • Long battery life

  • IP44 water resistant rating

  • Extensive RF communication range (PB-15-F1)

  • Fast signal transmission (PB-15-F1)

  • LED indicator

  • Low Battery detection

  • Wireless and Lightweight for easy installation

  • Periodic supervisory signals check system integrity

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