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Light Switch


The LSZ-2A is a smart light switch that allows users to remotely control home lighting. The light switch works with existing single and double-pole rocker-style plates switches and is also compatible with 3-way light switches. The LSZ-2A does not require a neutral wire, making it even easier to install.

The integration of LSZ-2A with a smart home security system will allow users to conveniently control lights for energy-saving and safety purposes. Turn lights on/off remotely, or program customized schedules/scenes to reduce power consumption; or to give the impression of a live-in home even when the house is empty, all to create a more comfortable, safer home.

LSZ-2A has simplified wiring efforts and is ideal for the expansion of automation options in new or retrofit homes.


  • Remotely control On/Off status of lights

  • Works with existing single/double-pole switch

  • Compatible with 3-way switches

  • No neutral wire required for easy installation

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems

  • Load Types: Incandescent, CFL, Tungsten, Halogen, LED light bulbs and more

  • Manually control via Rocker Paddle

  • Enables smart home security systems to program customized schedule and scenes

  • LED indicator

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