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Telecare Gateways


Lifestyle Monitoring Gateway (LMGW) is a telehealth data collection system monitoring older people’s well-being in their own homes. Multiple super-speed RF sensors are linked to LMGW and installed throughout the house to collect data about day-to-day behavior. The gathered data are sent to a designated server for storage and analysis. LMGW helps maintain older adults’ quality of life in their homes and enables them to live at home as long as possible.

Three Models

The LMGW Series offers three models with different networking options:

160 Zones and Sensors

LMGW’s 160 zones can integrate 160 sensors to collect and transmit data to a designated server. Sensors are installed throughout the house to monitor motions, device use, the opening/closing of doors, cabinets or a fridge, bed and chair occupancy, bath usage, periods of inactivity, carbon monoxide, smoke, etc.

Super-Speed RF Communications and Wi-Fi Connections

Super-speed RF communications are implemented to enhance network performance for the smooth transference of large amounts of data. The gateway also establishes Wi-Fi connections via an inserted Wi-Fi USB dongle.

Real-Time Gateway-Server Communication

LMGW employs the XMPP protocol via TCP/IP networks for real-time communication with a designated server, which enables telecare personnel to monitor real-time information and view reports online.

Easy Programming and Remote Firmware Updates

LMGW offers Web or SMS programming for easy configuration and maintenance. It has remote firmware update (RFU) capability to acquire the latest features.


  • 160 monitoring zones

  • Capacity to integrate 160 RF sensors/devices, including Fall Sensor, Panic Button, Wrist Transmitter, Smoke Detector, Cancel Button, Door Contact, PIR Motion Detector, Water Sensor, Carbon Monoxide Detector and Remote Control

  • Wirelessly transfers information gathered by sensors/devices installed in multiple locations at home to a designated server for storage and analysis

  • Communications protocols: Contact ID, Tunstall TTNew and CPC Dialect

  • Super-speed RF communications to radically reduce signal collisions, lower sensors’ power consumption and enhance network efficiency

  • Supports Wi-Fi connections

  • Web or SMS programming for easy configuration and maintenance

  • Remote firmware update capability

  • Implements the XMPP protocol via TCP/IP networks to provide real-time communication between the gateway and a server

  • Enables monitoring personnel to acquire real-time information and view reports online

  • The gateway’s time and date automatically updated over IP/GPRS

  • Supervises sensors regularly and reports detected faults to ensure system integrity

  • 800 event logs

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