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Door Contact


DC-15ZBS is Door Contact used to monitor opening and closing of doors and windows and alert the control panel of any irregular activities. DC-15ZBS’s built-in extension terminal allows it to connect to a wired sensor or double as a universal transmitter, to provide extra protection and greater flexibility.

With compact and low-profile design allows DC-15ZBS to easily fit seamlessly into any home décor. In addition, it is tamper-proof against opening of its enclosure and removal from its mounting surface, and sends regular supervision signals to check system integrity.

This monitoring device is ideal for security and home automation applications to protect entrances and valuables, also activate other Zigbee devices to perform home automation functionalities through scene settings, making your home residence a more secure and convenient place.


  • Monitors the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets and drawers

  • Randomized Supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Powerful magnet allows for gap distance of 30mm

  • Mounted on door or window frames

  • Extension terminals for connection to wired devices

  • Doubles as universal transmitter

  • Low battery detection

  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) feature

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Zigbee systems

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