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COM Express® Basic / Compact / Mini Module Carrier Board


Type 6 COM Express® Basic / Compact Module supported
Type 10 COM Express® Mini Module supported
1x LVDS, 3x/1x DP, 1x/0x VGA for display output
1x GbE LAN for Ethernet
6x USB, 4x COM, 1x 8-bit GPIO, 1x LPT for peripherals
4x/2x SATA, 1x Micro SD Cage for storage
2x/0x mPCIe, 2x/0x PCIex1, 1x PCIex4, 1x/0x PCIex16 for expansion


CRRB-COM0 Series is a carrier board supporting Type 6 COM Express® Basic / Compact Module and Type 10 COM Express® Mini Module. It provides developers a ready-to-go evaluation or reference platform to step up their total system design.

With a complete array of connection and expansion interfaces including DP, VGA, LVDS, USB3.0, USB2.0, COM, PS/2, DIO, LPT, LAN, Audio, PCIex16, PCIex4, PCIex1, mPCIe, SIM card holder, SATA socket, Micro SD card cage, CRRB-COM0 Series serves as an ideal platform and reference design for developing a custom carrier board.

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