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Emergency Two-Way Voice Communicators


The BR1-WTRSB Bluetooth Emergency Pendant is a small wireless panic button that partners with a smartphone application allowing the user to summon help with one simple button press when an emergency arises, inside and outside the home. When the BR1-WTRSB button is press, BR1-WTRSB utilizes its Bluetooth connection with the smartphone app to immediately report an alarm and relay user’s GPS location directly.

During sudden, life-threatening situations, users may not have the opportunity to unlock and make a call on their smartphones for help, BR1-WTRSB can send an alarm and GPS location to caregivers and authorities immediately. This extra level of protection can also significantly increase response and rescue time.

The BR1-WTRSB is IP57 waterproof, lightweight, and has a long-lasting battery life. With the BR1-WTRSB, help will always be a button touch away, whether at home, or when user is out for a walk.


  • Bluetooth Emergency Pendant reports an alarm & GPS location via smartphone app when pressed

  • Can be worn as a neck pendant or a wrist transmitter

  • IP57 Waterproof standard

  • Reliable signal transmission

  • Low battery detection

  • Periodic supervisory signals check system integrity

  • Comfortable and Stylish design

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