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Shock & Glassbreak Sensor


ACGS-23ZBS ZigBee Acoustic Glassbreak Sensor serves as your first line of defense for perimeter protection. This wireless sensor will alert home and business owners when a glass window or door is being smashed or broken. Our proprietary microphone technology recognizes acoustic patterns to provide full coverage, with a maximum of 8m radius from sensor to glass. With four selectable sensitivity levels, ACGS-23ZBS can be easily adjusted to fit large or small rooms. The ACGS-23ZBS provides an added layer of advanced security for the exterior of your home or business, lets you take quick action to protect your property and prevent damage to belongings..

The ACGS-23ZBS can be deployed with a security alarm system to active a siren upon glass break, which can deter burglars, preventing a full break-in. Be aware and informed of any glass break event that might leave your home or business valuables exposed to wind, rain, heat or snow, which can reduce damage and reduce unnecessary energy usage. The ACGS-23ZBS will keep your home and businesses even more secure.


  • Detects smashed windows and broken glass door

  • Wireless for flexible installation

  • Mounted on wall or ceiling within a 8m range from protected glass

  • Four selectable sensitivity settings (Max, Medium, Low and Lowest)

  • Red & Green LEDs indicate test mode, alarms, and tamper conditions.

  • Tamper protection prevents unauthorized removal

  • Low battery indicator

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Suitable for residental and commercial security applications.

  • Compatible with other manufacturer’s ZigBee systems.

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