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vehicle display

Touch panel technology has been widely applied to vehicle applications, such as instrument cluster, center information display (CID), and in-car entertainment system. The applications not only applied to the general car but also motorcycle, industrial vehicle, agricultural vehicle, and golf cart.  We provide a full range of vehicle display solutions with its free-form, curved design and touch panel technologies. Our products are excellent in high brightness, high resolution, wide viewing angle, low reflection, and extreme temperature stability, which can be used in any type of vehicle. 


• Motorcycle 
• Construction 
• Agriculture 
• Leisure 
• Extreme Sport

✓ Shatterproof &vandal proof
✓ Reduced reflection
✓ Improved clarity 
✓ All weather touch display 
✓ High reliability and stability

Product list

Vehicle product list.JPG

✓ Sunlight readable 
✓ High brightness 
✓ Prevent condensation 
✓ Impact resistance
✓ Shock resistance 

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