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Industrial Display

We offer complete all display solutions for ruggedized industrial HMI. Our products are highly reliable and stable and provide features including high brightness, high resolution, LED backlight, optimized touch technology, and extreme temperatures operations. For the special environment and extreme weather, our products are designed to be touchable by gloves and wet fingers, water resistant, anti-condensation, shatterproof, and saltwater resistant. The products can be fully customized for any particular requirements.

  • Drive for display maximum performance and increase agility.

  • High efficiency and optimization display technology.

  • Reduce risk and stay secure.

  • Optimized touch technology for various operating characteristics and environment. 

✓ Advanced Optical Bonding 
✓ High brightness 
✓ Sunlight readable 
✓ High thermal stability 

✓ Glove touch 
✓ Shatterproof 
✓ Water resistant & wet finger touch
✓ Thick cover touch

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