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electronic voting machine


Ace Asia provide Voting solutions since 2003.  Most of our products are custom design according to customer's requirements.  

We provide all-in-one solution for ID recognition, voter registration and election process.  Our products also include printer built-in which may print out the voting result at the same time, the supervisor can use their ID card to call out the voting record and calculate the voting result not only from the stored data but also from the print out record to verify there are no false or forge records during the election process.  


  • CPU:  Standard version - VIA C7  Custom version:  OEM/ODM version: Intel Celeron or i3/i5/i7

  • Memory:  2GB~16GB

  • Screen: 12" Resistive or PCAP

  • Communication:  Ethernet / Wifi / Bluetooth (Optional) / 4G (Optional)

  • ID recognition features:  Smart card reader / MSR / Optical finger print reader,/ 1D/2D barcode reader(Optional) / RFID (Optional) .

  • 4" Thermal printer built-in

  • 7800mAh Li-on battery built-in (Replaceable)

  • System I/O: COM x 1, USB  x 2 to 8 (optional) / cash drawer port / VGA (Support dual display) / HDMI (optional)

  • O/S: Windows (Standard and Embedded XP, 7, 8, POSReady…etc.)  Or Win 10 (For Customize version)

Interested parties please contact our sales department for further information.

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