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Motion Sensor



The multi-functional Mini-PIR-ZBS is a security motion sensor that will alert you immediately if any irregular motion or presence has been detected. With its small and sleek design, the Mini-PIR-ZBS can be attached at any location in any room of your home and protect your loved ones. The Mini-PIR-ZBS has a unique mount bracket allowing it be flexibly installed at different angles. The Mini-PIR-ZBS sensor is more than just a part of your security system, the captured data can be used for everything from security, heating control to energy management.



The IRC-29ZBS is a passive infrared motion sensor with a curtain detection pattern that provides quality detection. The IRC-29ZBS is ideal for indoor use designed to protect wall/roof windows, corridors, balcony doors, and all-glass walls.



IRD-23ZBS is a ZigBee ceiling mount PIR motion sensor with a 360° look-down capability to eliminate blind spots in the monitored area. When mounted on a ceiling at 8.8’ to 13’ (2.7 m to 4 m) high, the IRD-23ZBS has a 360° look-down view that covers an area of 20’ to 26’ (6 m to 8 m) in diameter. The IRD-23ZBS is an ideal solution for the protection of doorways, corridors, hallways and passages, where a moving person cannot evade passing through the detector’s coverage pattern.



The bi-directional IR-9ZBS passive infrared motion sensor employs ADSP algorithms to effectively reduce false alarms. This easy-to-install sensor is powered by a lithium battery and features a typical life of more than 4.5 years.

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