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Senior Locator Systems



The PWSR Patient Wandering System Receiver is a complete solution for protecting residents and patients who require monitoring in hospitals, nursing homes, or senior care facilities. Patients and residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or learning difficulties are more prone to wandering, and PWSR can help track and monitor 24/7.


LT-49, RPN-99 and BUN-152

LT-49 (locator), RPN-99 (repeater) and BUN-152 (base unit) are a senior locator system designed for senior care centers. When elderly people press their RF pendants for help, LT-49 and RPN-99 receive the pendants’ signals and report the locations of those who need assistance to the base unit. This system enables monitoring personnel in large care homes to quickly know the identities and locations of the seniors summoning help. Each base unit can work with up to 4,096 locators and 4,096 repeaters.

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