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SELF SERVICE vital sign kiosk


iMVS-DKP is a self-service kiosk for vital signs measurements. Aided by ICT (Information Communication Technology), users are able to take measurements on body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level, or body weights and upload directly to the Hospital Information System (HIS) or Nursing Information System (NIS). It not only provides easier access for caregivers, but also allows users to download their vital signs data by simply scanning a QR code. The Health Cloud Center (HCC) platform shows vital signs’ history and trends. What’s more, since the kiosk is easy to move around and transmits data through Wi-Fi, it can be set up almost anywhere.

The Advantages of Smart Vital Sign KIOSK


Cloud Service


Track vital sign records and provide trend analysis and health management recommendations.

Preventive Medicine


Predict health risk and prevent disease by analyzing vital signs data.

Ease of Care


Caregivers can receive data and provide care recommendations remotely.


Health Awareness


Able to view personal health data anytime. Increase health awareness.



Great selection of vital sign measurement items

Smart vital sign kiosk can take vital sign measurements through bluetooth devices.
Able to measure the following: blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate, blood glucose, body temperature and weight.

Simple and intuitive user interface


Touchscreen and audio and animation guide allow users to operate independently.
Various ways to log in – NFC card, barcode scanning or NHI card (Taiwan only).
Supports English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Real-time measurements data upload


All the measurements data is uploaded immediately to the cloud.
Users can save measurement results by scanning the QR code.
Smart vital sign kiosk can record measurement history. Collect data and provide trend analysis.

Case Examples




Is there a mobile APP to see my vital signs data?


Yes, you are able to see your vital signs data through the personal APP we provide.

Can I use my own vital sign device?


No. Our solution is compatible with specific devices.

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