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Smart Care Series


ZX-3 Smart Camera Telecare Alarm is an all-in-one personal safety medical alarm solution with monitoring videos/images, mobility check, and Bluetooth® medical device pairing, keeping seniors safe in their own homes.


ZX-3 also has telecare alarm features, including emergency monitoring, inactivity monitoring, home automation capabilities, and voice recognition and voice control via voice extenders and Google Home and Amazon Alexa, assisting seniors to have a more secure, healthy living.




Visual Monitoring & Mobility Check


ZX-3 is integrated with a HD 1080p resolution camera with ultra-wide angle lens and night vision for visual monitoring and verification. ZX-3’s built-in PIR motion sensor acts as a mobility check and system will activate the camera when emergency alert is triggered.



Bluetooth® Medical Device Pairing


ZX-3 is compatible with Bluetooth Medical devices, like blood pressure/blood glucose monitoring, etc. to track health and medical data and allow caregiver/ physicians to remote monitor and provide treatment as needed.



Emergency Care


ZX-3 is compatible with emergency pendants, wrist transmitters, and panic buttons allowing users to summon help with one simple button press when an emergency arises. When an emergency occurs, alerts are immediately sent to family members, and Monitoring Center to verify the event and send immediate assistance as needed.



Voice Recognition Communicators


ZX-3 can pair with voice recognition emergency alarm communications, voice extenders, call points, etc. to activate emergency call by preset vocal commands, keywords, or button press. Add an extra level of safety and peace of mind when strategically placed around the home.




Two-way Voice


ZX-3 features two-way VOIP talk with echo cancellation allows for real-time conversation with anyone at home. ZX-3 also has built-in voice prompts, the user will know exactly the reason for any alert and location.



Voice Control


ZX-3 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home products, allowing users to use voice control to turn on lights, scenes, and control home appliances.



Location Tracking


ZX-3 can also be paired with BRPD-1 Bluetooth pendant, a small wearable panic button that partners with a smartphone application for GPS location reporting and triggers help alarm with one button press, whether the user is at home or out for a walk.



Safety Monitoring


ZX-3 can also support home environment safety sensor devices, allowing users to add in smoke detectors, water leakage and gas sensors to monitor emergencies; and door contacts, sensor pad transmitters for inactivity monitoring, to build a healthier, safer independent living.



Home Automation


ZX-3 can incorporate ZigBee or Z-Wave sensors, allowing elderly to make their home smarter and safer by automatically turning on hallway lights at night, or auto adjust room temperatures, to stay safe and comfortable.


  • Communication Path Options: IP (Ethernet), Wi-Fi, LTE

  • Built-in Module Options: RF, Bluetooth®, and ZigBee or Z-Wave

  • Supports multiple Communication protocols with Monitoring Centers

  • Compatible with Bluetooth (BLE) medical devices

  • Built-in Camera: HD1920x1080p with 152° diagonal wide-angle lens

  • Built-in PIR Motion Sensor: 6m range @ 110° degrees

  • Medical Alarm functions: Mobility Check

  • ZigBee or Z-Wave compatible home automation features

  • Voice Prompt feature alerts the user upon designated events and status

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capabilities

  • World-class certified RF range, reliability and performance

  • 24/7 Environment Safety Monitoring

  • Multi-party emergency intercom system capability

  • Supports multiple programming methods & remote firmware update capability

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