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Emergency Pendants & Wrist Transmitters


To stay safe and protected does not mean it must be chunky or boring!  WTRZ is an ergonomically designed wearable emergency button with interchangeable color covers, allowing your customers to look good and feel safe knowing they are connected to help whenever they need it. Up to 6 different colors and can be worn on the wrist with a comfortable band or around the neck as a pendant.

Taking into consideration of frail older seniors with limited hand mobility or persons with disabilities,  We designed a unique raised color cover for the WTRZ, enable users to only need minimal strength to press the emergency pendant against a wall, floor, table, or chair to receive help, and stay safer from falls and emergencies.

WTRZ is fully waterproof, lightweight, and with a long lasting battery, allowing user to wear the WTRZ everywhere in the house. The WTRZ offers increased peace of mind for the security of your customers and their loved ones.

Partner with us for success. The WTRZ one-of-a-kind, easy to use, stylish emergency pendant can further expand your target market and extend your customer’s lifetime value.

Handicap Cover


WTRZ’s raised color cover on the button allows for easier accessability, requiring a light press of the emergency pendant against a wall, floor, table or chair. Extra helpful support for Elderly, Disabled, or Children.





Up to 6 different color covers and 12 wearable combinations to match user’s individual style. Easy-to-use and interchangeable.





Fully waterproof and lightweight, allowing users to wear the WTRZ everywhere in the house, shower or bath.

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