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Emergency Voice Communicator / Voice Reach Talking Pendant Necklace


WTRVS-8/15 is a small and lightweight Voice Reach Talking Pendant. Compact and easy-to-use, WTRVS-8/15 is designed to provide complete protection anywhere around your home at any time with the simple touch of a button.

WTRVS-8/15 allows immediate post-alarm voice follow up after an emergency call without any delay and effort. With a simple press of a button it can open two-way voice communication channel between you and the Central Monitoring Station. Additionally, users can talk to the Central Monitoring Station right through the pendant like a speaker phone with the built-in microphone and speaker.

WTRVS-8-FS and WTRVS-15-FS also has a built-in fall sensor and will automatically raise an alarm call and activates two-way voice communications when falls have been detected. As an intelligent device, WTRVS-8/15 really ensures that your emergency issue can be handled properly and timely.


  • Raises a alarm call when a fall as been detected (WTRVS-8-FS & WTRVS-15-FS only)

  • The microphone and speaker inside allow users to talk to the Central Monitoring Station like a speaker phone

  • Immediate post-alarm voice follow up after an emergency call

  • Waterproof to IP67

  • Power-saving feature for Panel (WTRVS-15 & WTRVS-15-FS only)

  • Compact and easy to use

  • Worn around the neck as a pendant

  • Compatible with the Medical Alarm Panels

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