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NFC-Enhanced Wrist Transmitter / Emergency Pendant


WTRS2-NFC is an emergency pendant/wrist transmitter enhanced by NFC technology. With WTRS2-NFC, seniors are able to summon help with one simple press. Equipped with NFC technology, WTRS2-NFC now provides more possibilities in medical and senior care applications.

After the button is pressed, an alarm call will be immediately triggered to the monitoring center, significantly increasing response and rescue time. When help arrives, not only identities of users but also necessary personal health information can be learned through the NFC transmission. In senior and medical care facilities, WTRS2-NFC can also be deployed as keycards for an effective way of access control. 

With multiple options of colors and necklace/wristbands, WTRS2-NFC can be worn as a neck pendant or a
wrist transmitter. The WTRS2-NFC is just as powerful, waterproof up to IP68 standard. Its high mobility
enables users to move around freely and ensure them that help is just one button press away.


  • Can be worn as a neck pendant or a wrist transmitter

  • Waterproof up to IP68 standard

  • Colorful patterns and designs

  • Integrate with NFC-communication devices

  • Easily switch between wearing a necklace or as a wristband

  • Lightweight

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