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Scenario Switch


WSS-4E-ZW is a Z-Wave programmable scenario switch designed to easily trigger a pre-programmed scenario. This smart scenario switch can include up to four scenario conditions and you are free to create your favorite scenario conditions at different occasions. The scenario conditions govern the behaviors of lights, garage door, window shadow or other devices connected to Z-Wave home automation or security systems. Your home can be fully controlled at one touch.

The WSS-4E-ZW also features two-way signal transmission. When WSS-4E-ZW transmits a signal but does not receive acknowledgment from the control panel, the WSS-4E-ZW will resend the signal to ensure the panel successfully receives notification. 

The battery-operated WSS-4E-ZW requires no additional wiring and it is ideal for the expansion of home automation options in new or modern home where cabling solution are limited. 


  • Facilitate the use of 4 pre-programmed scenario conditions

  • Two-way communication

  • Simple and modern style

  • Quick and easy installation–No wiring required

  • LED indicator light makes it easy to find in the dark

  • Low battery detection

  • Regular supervisory signls ensure the device’s proper operation

  • Compatible with all Z-Wave mesh networks and devices

  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises

  • CE/FCC compliance

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