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Appliance Control




WCS-1E-ZW is a Z-Wave wall-mounted switch designed to remotely turn on/off lighting or any home appliance. The smart switch can be paired to any Z-Wave devices to facilitate the use of on/off on any home appliance or lighting.

The battery-operated WCS-1E-ZW can be installed in any place of home without the limitation of hardwired power source. The completely wire-free wall appliance switch simplifies installation efforts and is ideal for the expansion of home automation options in new or retrofit home where cabling solution are limited.


  • Controls the on/off status of a light or home appliance

  • Supports to control 4 binding devices

  • Two-way communication

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave networks and devices

  • LED indicator light makes it easy to find in the dark

  • Install quickly and easily

  • Simple and modern style

  • For indoor use only

  • CE/FCC compliance

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