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Voice Activation Emergency Alarm & Communicator / Voice Call Point


VRCP-WiFi is an AC-powered Emergency Voice Call Point with Voice Recognition capability and has a single button that can be used to make calls when there is an emergency. VRCP-WiFi works with routers that support Wi-Fi network to provide network connection for making outgoing voice calls, receiving incoming call, and two-way voice communication.

VRCP-WiFi has built-in voice recognition and can activate an emergency call to CMS by preset vocal commands or keywords. When an emergency happens at home, senior users with mobility difficulties can simply use the nearest Voice Call Point to summon help.

As a smart device, the VRCP-WiFi provides high-clarity, hands-free, two-way communication with Wi-Fi network in the event of an emergency. VRCP-WiFi is suitable for senior and medical care and ideal for multi-story homes and larger premises.


  • Emergency Voice Call Point with Wi-Fi capability

  • Voice Recognition to activate emergency call by preset vocal commands or keywords

  • Single-button design for making calls when there is an emergency

  • Provide high-clarity, hands-free, two-way communication through Wi-Fi networks

  • Built-in microphone and speaker

  • Excellent voice quality allows users to answer within 10m range from VRCP-WiFi

  • Automatically picks up incoming calls without button press

  • Large ALARM button for easy identification

  • Wall-mount or table-top placement

  • Ideal for multi-story homes and larger premises

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