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Voice Activation Emergency Alarm & Communicator


VRCP-DECT is a Voice Extender that enables users to summon emergency help with voice recognition command or a single button press. VRCP-DECT has built-in voice recognition and can activate an emergency call to CMS with preset vocal commands or keywords. It is suitable for senior and medical care, multi-storied homes, and larger premises.

VRCP-DECT provides high-clarity, hands-free, two-way communication for making outgoing voice calls, and receiving incoming calls to summon help. Equipped with RF technology, VRCP-DECT-F1 has extended backup battery life.

VRCP-DECT has a powerful speaker and microphone built-in and can be easily mounted or placed anywhere on the premises. Having multiple VRCP-DECT placed at strategic locations throughout the home can create an extra network of safety. When an emergency happens, senior users can simply use the nearest VRCP-DECT to summon help.


  • Emergency Voice Extender via DECT

  • Voice Recognition to activate emergency calls by preset vocal commands or keywords

  • Single-button design for making calls to summon help

  • Provide high-clarity, hands-free, two-way communication through DECT

  • Excellent voice quality and long range

  • Built-in microphone and speaker

  • Automatically picks up incoming call without button press

  • Large ALARM button for easy identification

  • Wall-mount or table-top placement

  • Extended backup battery life (VRCP-DECT-F1 models only)

  • Ideal for multi-story homes and larger premises

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