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Voice Activation Emergency Alarm & Communicator / Voice Recognition Alarm


Voice Recognition Alarm, VRA, adopts advanced speech recognition technology that recognizes preset vocal commands or keywords and triggers specified actions. When combined with a monitoring system, it will activate an emergency call to a professional monitoring center, allowing users to receive emergency attention even in situations which they are unable to seek help physically.

In addition to voice activation, the VRA features a large button for users to summon help during an emergency. In critical situations such as falls, medical problems, or emergencies, users can quickly activate the device to report an alarm.

With an anti-slip pad on its back, VRA can be wall-mounted or placed on any flat surface. VRA can be installed in the homes of elderly individuals, making their independent living safer. The VRA also transmits supervisory and low battery signals to the medical alarm panels to ensure its proper operation at all times.


  • Emergency alarm with voice recognition

  • Voice-triggered activation and keyword/command detection

  • Large Manual Button to trigger Help Alarm

  • Wall mount or desktop placement

  • Sleek, modern design

  • LED indicators

  • Automatic low battery reporting

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

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