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Smart Home Alarm Systems
VL Series


The VL touch screen panel is by far the most versatile security panel out on the market. With built-in expansion slots for various types of modules, it transforms into virtually any type of panel imaginable. This unparalleled flexibility makes VL customizable to meet all kinds of demands. By bringing security system, home automation, senior care, total visual monitoring solution, and energy management into one piece, VL guarantees enhanced lifestyle, safety, and convenience. Better yet –All features are brought to life with an exquisitely designed touchscreen.

Designed with Unprecedented Flexibility


VL is an IP based alarm panel with built-in RF and ZigBee modules. Yet, with multiple internal expansion slots for 4G/3G, Z-Wave, VOIP, and Wi-Fi modules, users are given the freedom to customize their security panels to incorporate features that best suit their unique needs.



Home Automation and Energy Management


VL supports ZigBee and Z-Wave enabled home automation and energy management capabilities, allowing users to gain a centralized control over household appliances, lights, and digital locks.



Total Visual Monitoring Solution


VL works with PIR Video Cameras/PIR Cameras and IP Cameras for visual verification and real-time visual monitoring. Alarm alerts are sent to users and the CMS for them to view alarm videos/images or live video on mobile devices or PCs



Mobile Application & Web Browser Application


Vesta Home Application’s elegant was designed with focus of user experience and usability in mind, allowing users to remotely monitor and control security alarm system and home automation appliances anytime, anywhere. Secure your home, take control of your energy usage and manage your appliances from your smartphone, or web browser.



Senior Care


VL Touchscreen Alarm works with healthcare devices to form a protection net for you and your loved ones.



Providing 24/7 Protection


Our wireless security accessories are an excellent complement to VL, providing 24/7protection. Backed with Climax’s 28 years of expertise in the field, all accessories are guaranteed to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability. Requiring no electrical wireless, these devices result in cleaner, hassle free installations.


  • 7” color graphic touchscreen:
    - Resolution:800 x 3(RGB) x 480
    - Intuitive graphic user interface
    - Large icons and legible prints

  • Two area configurations, each area supports up to 160 zones

  • Expansion slots for optional 4G/3G, Z-Wave, WiFi modules

  • Programmable IO board (PGM outputs)

  • Alarm event reporting:
    - Standard CID/SIA reporting over 3G/4G/GPRS or Ethernet
    - Modified CID reporting via SMS (Text/CID) over 3G/4G

  • Image reporting through Email/FTP over 4G/3G/GPRS or Ethernet

  • Compatible with up to 6 PIR cameras / PIR video cameras and IP cameras for video verification and real-time monitoring

  • Advanced image wireless transmissions:
    - 2-way supervised radio network, supervision every 30 minutes
    - AES encryption key

  • Each sensor’s response table can be set by different arming modes: Arm /Arm Stay/ Disarm

  • Integrating with Climax’s Home Portal Server, users can remotely control VL via mobile App or IP configuration page

  • ZigBee and Z-Wave based home automation compatibility
    - Programmable features to automatically control home appliances by schedule, different temperature levels, alarm, or mode change

  • Offers household energy management capabilities
    - Works with a variety of power switches and power metering switches to manage and monitor home energy consumption

  • Offers senior care functions
    - Compatible with talking pendant series, voice satellite, and emergency communicator to summon immediate assistance

  • XMPP support for real-time communication between a server and clients (iPhone/Android phone)

  • Built-in speaker and microphone

  • Wall or Table mount

  • Real-time clock and weather display

  • Compliant with CE 0681 (R&TTE Directive)/ EN 300220-1&2/ EN 300328/ EN 301489-1&3&17/ EN 60950-1/EN 62311 requirements

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