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Stove Guard Transmitters


UT-16SL-Stove remotely monitors the activation of a connected Innohome Stove Guard SGK 510. The Stove Guard is designed raise an alarm and to stop the fire before it spreads by turning off the cooker’s power supply when it detects a fire hazard situation. When the Stove Guard is triggered, UT-16SL-Stove will transmit an alarm signal to the control panel and further notify the users of an alarm event.

UT-16SL-Stove was designed from the belief that there should be a cost-efficient and easy way to add remote fire alarm monitoring to your home, without needing to replace the current connected Stove Guard. Users can easily monitor and manage their stove guard, even when they are away.

The design features a 3.5mm input jack that allows for plug-and-play installation. Rather than having to affix the wire terminals to the transmitter’s dry contact, the users can simply plug the cable into UT-16SL-Stove’s input jack. The enclosed tamper switch further offers protection against unauthorized device opening or removal. With the UT-16SL-Stove, users will be ensured their property is prepared for any fire hazards.


  • Remotely monitor connected Innohome Stove Guard SGK510 activation

  • Input jack for easy plug-and-play deployment

  • Compact and slim design for easy mounting

  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal, sabotage, or unsteady installation

  • Low battery detection

  • Compatible with Climax F1 Security Systems

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