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Thermostatic Radiator Valve Control


TRV-1ZBS is a ZigBee Thermostatic Radiator Valve designed to be incorporated into the home heating system. TRV-1ZBS helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature by controlling the flow of hot water to home radiators. By regulating the flow of hot water, users can maintain their desired room temperature to suit various needs.

TRV-1ZBS is compatible with all Zigbee control panels and is easily set up with a home automation system. Users can remotely control home temperature when they are away from home, and program the device to respond automatically to certain situations. This device is also ideal for energy management to ensure the system do not run for longer than needed.


  • Automatic on/off control of radiator valve according to temperature settings.

  • LCD displays temperature, time, mode and alerts.

  • Anti-frosting function when room temperature drops below 5°C

  • Anti-calcification with weekly opening/closing of radiator valve.

  • Boost Function to temporarily speed up heating process.

  • Detects sudden temperature drop and adjusts settings accordingly to sustain the ideal room temperature.

  • Easy control knob for manual temperature adjustments.

  • User friendly interface with 3 buttons. Lock Function available.

  • Conforms with M30 x 1.5 connection.

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