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Shock & Glassbreak Sensors


SVGS-3ZW is a Z-Wave Shock, Vibration and Glass break sensor designed to provide early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar enters the property. This wireless shock sensor is easy to install on any glass window, door, roof or safe, and capable of detecting two different types of forcible attacks -- a single major shock event attack, or pulse count accumulated consecutive minor shock attacks.

Advanced warning devices designed to protect window and door surroundings, like the SVGS-3ZW, are the ideal solution for deterring intruders, as they will detect the intrusion before it happens. And when the SVGS-3ZW is linked with a smart home security system and other Z-Wave devices, it can activate a siren, turn on lights, music, or start video recordings when the glass is tampered, which is often enough to send an intruder running.

The SVGS-3ZW’s small and discreet design makes it unobtrusive and has three adjustable sensitivity threshold levels to choose for different situations and locations. SVGS-3ZW adds an extra layer of perimeter protection for residential and commercial premises and with no cumbersome wiring, the sensor is instantly ready to use.


  • Early detection of break-in attempts of glass windows, doors, roof or safety box

  • Wireless for easy installation

  • Modern and unobtrusive design

  • Works on glass, plywood and safety box

  • LED Indicator

  • Adjustable sensitivity threshold levels: High, Medium, Low

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Suitable for residential and commercial usage

  • Low battery indicator

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