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SRV-23ZBS Series


The multi-functional SRV-23ZBS Series is an AC-powered indoor siren, doorbell chime, and repeater (SRV-23-ZBSR) with battery backup (SRV-23B-ZBS). The SRV-23ZBS has a built-in speaker with voice prompts and alert tones to match all your alerting needs, from home intrusions, fire, flood, to emergencies. Voice prompts allows user and family members know exactly the reason for the alert, no hassle to memorize unique alert sounds. When it comes to your security system, there is no room for error.

Pair the SRV-23ZBS with your security and smart home system and you will be notified immediately with a blare alarm sound more than 95dB when there is an emergency or serves as a useful reminder device if someone is at your door. The SRV-23B-ZBS models provide rechargeable battery backup which means that the SRV-23 will keep working even when the power is out, or if it was purposefully sabotaged. Three selectable volume settings so the siren is perfect for every space in the house. The SRV-23ZBS was optimized for your security and safety needs.


  • Multifunctional AC-Powered Indoor Siren and Doorbell Chime

  • Built-in speaker with voice prompt messages

  • Emit door bell chimes, entry/exit beeps, and voice prompt messages

  • Plugs into any standard power outlet for easy installation

  • Rechargeable battery backup (SRV-23B-ZBS only)

  • Doubles as a ZigBee repeater (SRV-23B-ZBSR only)

  • Three selectable volume levels

  • Siren output at 95dB at 1 meter

  • LED as an indicator of system status

  • Multiple regional plugs available

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems

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