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SR-32ZBS is a battery-operated wireless indoor siren, generating a loud 104-decibel siren to alert users to possible intruders, emergencies, and safety incidents. The multi-functional indoor siren can work with the control panel to emit entry and exit delay beeps. SR-32ZBS generates unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary to audibly inform the user of the type of danger at hand.

The SR-32ZBS is compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee alarm systems. Encased in an elegant, modish design, the SR-32ZBS will effortlessly fit in with your home décor. SR-32ZBS is lightweight and easy to install, giving users the flexibility to install it anywhere in the house. SR-32ZBS’s tamper-deterrent feature also protects against unauthorized removal or sabotage.


  • Siren output level is 104dB at 1 meter

  • Unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary

  • Lightweight and flexible to install

  • Smaller, visually pleasing design

  • Programmable siren duration of 3/5/10 minutes

  • Sound notifications of arming, disarming, and low battery status

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Low battery detection

  • Cover tamper protection prevents unauthorized removal and sabotage

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee alarm systems

  • Compliant with CE requirement

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