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Multi-functional Smoke Detector
SD-29ZW Series


Multi-functional wireless smart smoke detector with powerful functions, the SD-29ZW series is designed to protect your family against potential fire hazards, and build a more comfortable lifestyle. This series was crafted from the belief that a sensor should have multiple functions and abilities, thus one of unique features of SD-29ZW is the optional built-in PIR motion sensor, temperature sensor, and/or emergency light. With its small and streamlined design, it will be a seamless addition to your home décor and give you peace of mind.

SD-29ZW utilizes the latest reflective photoelectric sensor and advanced microprocessor to deliver optimum performance in detecting fire and rate-of-rise heat detection. SD-29ZW’s optional built-in temperature sensor measures environment temperature and transmits notification when temperature fluctuates by +/-2°C. SD-29ZW’s optional built-in PIR motion sensor detects movements to create custom scenes to light up the hallway in the middle of the night or help users save energy. SD-29ZW’s optional built-in emergency light can further provide visual alarm alerts and notifications.

SD-29ZW series is compatible with other manufactures’ Z-Wave systems and can be conveniently integrated into new or existing Z-Wave systems to deliver quality detection. When it comes to your safety, there is no room for compromise.


  • Reflective photoelectric sensor to detect smoke from any source, especially smoldering fires

  • Rate-of-rise heat detection when temperature exceeds 57.25°C or rises by 8.25°C per minute (optional)

  • Transmits notification when temperature fluctuates by +/-2°C (optional)

  • Auto-calibration every month to re-adjust detection threshold value

  • Interconnection function to command all devices with built-in siren to sound whenever an alarm is triggered (optional)

  • Wireless for easy and flexible installation

  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Built-in PIR motion detects movements and supports scene creation (optional)

  • Built-in Temperature sensor measures environment temperature (optional)

  • Built-in Emergency light to provide visual alerts (optional)

  • OTA firmware update capability

  • Alarm silence button to quiet nuisance alarms

  • Loud 85dB siren for audio alert

  • LED status indicators for visual notification

  • Low battery detection

  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises

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