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Remote Scenario Control


RSC-15ZBS wireless ZigBee Scenario Remote Controller offers users more convenience and flexibility, designed to easily trigger a pre-programmed home automation scenario. This smart remote scenario control can include up to four scenario conditions and you are free to create your favorite scenario conditions for different occasions. The scenario conditions govern the behaviors of lights, window roller shutters, garage door, electronic appliances, or other devices connected to a ZigBee home automation or security system. Your home can be easily controlled at your fingertips.


The battery-operated RSC-15ZBS is easy to install and is ideal for the expansion of home automation options in new or modern homes where cabling solutions are limited.


  • Remotely activates pre-programmed home automation scenarios

  • Facilitates the use of four preset scenario conditions

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems

  • LED serves as a transmission status indicator

  • Simple and modern design fits in with any home decor

  • IP41 waterproof standard

  • Durable, scratch-resistant buttons

  • Low battery detection

  • Regular supervisory signals ensure proper operation

  • Ideal for security and home automation usage

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