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RGBW Smart Bulb




RSB-1ZBS is a ZigBee color LED light bulb featuring both multicolor adjustment and light level control. When joined into a ZigBee network, users will be able to control the bulb remotely via the smartphone app or web browser.

Our RGBW Smart Bulb with dimmer makes home lighting more fun and comfortable. It has separate warm white, cold white and color LEDs, allowing users to create both colorful light environments and regular white lighting, which is easily customizable from a smartphone.

The bulb fits into regular E27 socket and is able to produce light intensity comparable to 50W incandescent bulb by consuming just around 10 Watts of power. It even has an optional bulit-in ZigBee Router to extend communication range into hard-to-reach areas.


  • Enables users to remotely control their lighting

  • High definition, beautiful RGBW color with 16 million color combinations, from warm white to cool daylight

  • Enables home automation system to dim or turn on/off lights according to scenes and schedules

  • Uses less energy and lasts longer than incandescent bulb

  • Built-in ZigBee Router to extend communication range and spread into hard-to-reach areas (optional)

  • Suitable for security and home automation usage

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems

  • Supervisory signal to ensure proper operation

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