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Repeater / Router


RM-35ZBS is a multi-functional AC powered ZigBee repeater router with dual USB power adapter charger. Dual USB output allows users to charge any two smartphones, tablet devices, or other USB-charged devices simultaneously and extends the ZigBee network at the same time. On top of having a small and compact size, the RM-35ZBS was designed with an interchangeable plug feature, easily switching between EU plug and US plug, further optimizing inventory management.

Ideal for both residential and commercial premises, the RM-35ZBS increases the communication range between sensors and the control unit, thereby solving the problem of signal loss due to distance limitations. Requires no wiring, the repeater router can be plugged directly into a standard power outlet for easy installation. Multiple routers can be added to the system to extend the ZigBee network into hard-to-reach areas to ensure comprehensive network coverage. Extend the reach of your ZigBee Network with the multi-functional RM-35ZBS.


  • Extends the ZigBee network into hard-to-reach areas

  • Dual USB power adapter charger

  • Interchangeable plug design for easy switch betwwen EU plug and US plug

  • Plugs directly into a standard power outlet for easy installation

  • LED indicator

  • Compatible with other manufacturer’s ZigBee systems

  • Small and compact design

  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises

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