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capacitive fingerprint reader
(metal housing)


The fingerprint reader R10-M offers the most competitive price as well as the best image quality, is now coming to the market. 

R10-M is a new type of high quality capacitive fingerprint reader, the capture area is designed to meet FAP10 specifications, which can acquire a full fingerprint image at one touch.  

R10-M delivers 508dpi, high quality image that can score 1 (excellent) in NFIQ score (NIST Fingerprint Image Quality) for most of the scanned fingerprint images.  


  • Type: Capacitive

  • Resolution: 256 x 360 @ 508 dpi

  • Size: 45.6 x 31.6 x 10mm

  • Capture area: 12.8 x 18mm

  • Scan rate: > 2 frames/sec

  • Operating temperature: -10~55C

  • Housing: Metal

  • Hardness: 8H

  • Interface: USB

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