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Power Switch


The PSS-32ZW Z-Wave Power Switch is able to toggle on/off of electrical appliances that are attached to it. According to the configuration on the control panel, users can manually or remotely control the appliances anytime, anywhere via a smartphone application or a web page.

Dual USB ports enable PSS-32ZW to charge two devices at the same time. PSS-32ZW will stop charging when the battery is full, preventing potential hazards of over-charging.

To finish the installation, simply plug the appliance into PSS-32ZW and into the wall outlet. PSS-32ZW is compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems. With its compact design, PSS-32ZW can be integrated into security and home automation systems, providing users with higher level of convenience and comfort.


  • Enables users to turn on/off the attached electrical appliance manually or remotely

  • Compact design

  • Simple plug and play installation

  • Multiple regional plugs available

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems

  • OTA firmware update capability

  • Dual USB ports

  • Protection system against the hazard of over-charging

  • Load type: Electrical appliances

  • Enables security and home automation systems to turn on/off appliances according to customized schedules and scenes

  • LED indicator

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