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Power Meter Switch


Z-Wave Power Meter Switch PSM-29ZW is designed for the user to remotely turn on/off an electronic appliance via a smartphone or a tablet anytime, anywhere. The integration of these devices into your home automation system will allow you to conveniently control home appliances for comfort or energy-saving purposes.

PSM-29ZW has a built-in power meter to measure electricity consumption. The collected energy data will be reported to the control panel. These energy consumption reports are viewable online and can help you form an effective strategy to reduce electricity bills. Installation of PSM-29ZW takes only a few simple steps. PSM-29ZW can also work with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave devices to provide extended installation flexibility.

The slim-sized design of PSM-29ZW blends naturally into any home décor. PSM-29ZW enables you to control home appliances and reduce electricity bills with just a few touches on your smartphone or tablet. Creating a green home has never been easier! 


  • Enables the user to remotely turn on/off an electronic appliance.

  • Built-in power meter to measure and generate energy history over the day / week / month

  • Enables security and home automation systems to turn on/off appliances according to custom schedules and scenes

  • Capability to double as a Z-Wave repeater

  • Load type: Electronic appliances

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update capability

  • Can be remotely or manually controlled

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems

  • LED serving as an indicator of system status

  • CE/FCC compliance

  • Multiple regional plugs available

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