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Power Relay Controller / Relay Power Switch


The PRS3-CH1/2-ZBS Series is a ZigBee Relay Power Switch designed to remotely control household appliances by connecting to power cable to turn on/off appliances. Compared to the previous PRS2-ZBS Series, the PRS3-CH1/2-ZBS Series has a smaller and more compact profile, providing greater flexibility for it to be installed in any location in your home, such as ceiling or even inside power sockets in the wall. In addition, the PRS3-CH1/2-ZBSR model can double as a ZigBee router to extend security system’s wireless communication range.

You can use smartphone application, SMS message, or IP configuration webpage to remotely turn on/off the PRS3-CH1/2-ZBS Series anytime, anywhere. You can also set up your own energy management plan with the Control Panel’s home automation setting to automatically control the on/off status of the PRS3-CH1/2-ZBS Series. The extra convenience provided by the PRS3-CH1/2-ZBS Series will help you manage your home environment more easily, and with greater energy efficiency.


  • Connected directly to power cables

  • Enable the user to remotely turn on/off electronic appliances

  • Capability to double as a ZigBee router associated with up to 40 end devices (PRS3-CH1/2-ZBSR)

  • Compact and slim design

  • Cut off power automatically when overheated

  • Able to fit thicker cable sizes ranged from 14-22 AWG (1.63-0.64mm)

  • PRS3-CH1-ZBS(R): 1 Channel
    PRS3-CH2-ZBS(R): 2 Channels

  • Extension terminals for connection to external switches

  • Transmit supervision signal to report its condition regularly according to user setting

  • LED status indicator

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee products

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