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Power Meter Relay Switch


PRM2-ZW is a Z-Wave Power Relay Switch, allowing users to remotely turn on/off electrical household appliances and provides precise electrical energy consumption information.

Its small and compact profile provides the flexibility to be installed in flush mounted junction boxes, power sockets, or in the ceiling wall. PRM2-ZW also doubles as a Z-Wave repeater to further extend user’s wireless communication range.
PRM2-ZW’s built-in power meter measure electricity consumption and generate energy history for days, weeks, and months, to provide users an effective strategy to reduce electricity usages and high bills.

Use the PRM2-ZW to control the lighting or heating, as well as emergency situations, to cut the power off after detecting a fire or flooding. The extra convenience and safety provided by PRM2-ZW will help users manage their home environment more easily and save energy.


  • Remotely turn On/Off electrical appliance

  • Built-in power meter to measure and report energy consumption history over day/week/month

  • Doubles as a Z-Wave repeater

  • Allows relay activation events to be integrated into other home automation activities, scenes, or schedules

  • Connects directly to power cable in junction box, or ceiling/wall sockets

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave system

  • Regual supervisory signals to check system integrity

  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises

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