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Relay Controller


PRL-8ZBS is a ZigBee relay controller designed to remotely open and close pool covers, gas/water valves, or sprinkler systems, etc. As PRL-8ZBS is directly connected to power cables, there is a strain relief clamp to secure wires and provide protection from metal cutout. With PRL-8ZBS, users can manage facilities inside and outside the home anytime, anywhere.

PRL-8ZBS enables wireless operation of any device controllable by a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relay. When integrated with home automation and security systems, users can easily program customized schedules/scenes or timer settings for energy-saving and safety purposes. The PRL-8ZBS has one dry contact and operates on an AC power source.

PRL-8ZBS is compatible with any ZigBee devices adopting the ZigBee Pro HA 1.2 standard. With an embedded antenna to boost its wireless performance, the relay controller also includes an LED to confirm proper ZigBee network operation and connectivity. Significantly, PRL-8ZBS simplifies wiring efforts and is ideal for the expansion of automation options in new or retrofit homes where cabling solutions are limited.


  • Remotely automates pool covers, gas/water valves, or sprinkler systems, etc.

  • Provide wireless operation of any device controllable by an SPDT relay

  • Function button allows for manually switching ON/OFF the relay

  • One set of relay contact and one set of dry contact

  • OTA firmware update capability

  • IP44 waterproof standard

  • Antenna design for optimal wireless performance

  • LED status indicator

  • Strain relief clamp secures wires and provides protection from metal cutout

  • Wiring buckle used for managing wires

  • Allows relay activation events to be integrated into other home automation activities

  • Double as a ZigBee repeater (optional)

  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems

  • Ideal for retrofitting new or existing homes with limited cabling solutions

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