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Wireless Pull Cord Unit PCU-3 Series can be quickly installed in any accessible indoor locations for the user to pull for emergency help. When pulled, this wireless device will trigger an alarm, which will be sent by its connected medial alarm to the monitoring center or care personnel. PCU-3’s intuitive design is very user-friendly to ensure users know how to use it without further learning.

The wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted PCU-3 can be life-saving when the user does not wear a personal trigger. It gives the user an extra means to raise an alarm and therefore increases chances of rescue. PCU-3 requires very low maintenance and low battery consumption, its functions of automatic low battery reporting and 24-hour supervision prevent operational irregularities and strengthen protection for the user.

The PCU-3 F1 models, which adopt the cutting-edge F1 technology to deliver extensive RF communication range, can be flexibly deployed across large or complex premises. Compatible with the F1 control panels, the PCU-3-F1 also features fast signal transmission and an even longer battery life. 


  • White cord with a loop for pulling

  • For indoor installation

  • Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted

  • Extensive RF technology accelerates the speed of signal transmission and boosts communication range (PCU-3-F1 only)

  • Low battery consumption

  • Requires low maintenance

  • 24-hour supervision transmissions

  • Low battery detection

  • LED indicator

  • Wireless for easy installation

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