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Smart Home Alarm Systems
MZ Series


The MZ alarm is one of the F1 Security@2km Series’ control panels that feature 2-km communication range. The MZ Series brings robust security and smart home features to your household and makes all its services remotely controllable from a smartphone. The MZ panels have wall-mounted and desktop versions.




Three Models


The MZ Series offers three models with different networking options to meet installation requirements:

MZ-1: IP panel

MZ-3: 3G panel

MZ-8: IP and 3G panel



Home Security


MZ provides 50 zones to protect your property. Reporting alarms both to the monitoring center and the user, MZ adopts CID/SIA reporting over TCP/IP and visual reporting. Three selectable “home arming” modes are available.



World-Leading 2-Km Communication Range and Superb Reliability


The MZ panel’s 2-km RF range and superb reliability allow the installer to set up the alarm system on large or complicated premises with great flexibility.



Total Visual Monitoring Solution


MZ works with IP cameras and camera PIR sensors to provide real-time monitoring and alarm visual verification services. The users and the CMS can view real-time images and live videos of home and valuables via a PC or smartphone. When an incident happens, visual alerts are sent to the CMS and the user for alarm verification.



The Home Portal Server and App Control


MZ is linked to the Home Portal Server for you to control smart home services via the Vesta Home App on your smartphone. You can remotely manage system functions anytime, anywhere.



Home Automation and Energy Management


MZ can integrate ZigBee sensors to automatically control your home appliances and energy-saving devices such as Power Meter Switch, Power Switch and Dimmer Switch to help you reduce energy consumption.



Easy Programming and Remote Firmware Updates


You can use web, SMS or app programming to configure MZ, which has remote firmware update capabilities to acquire the latest features.



Compatibility with ZigBee Information Keypads


MZ panels can integrate ZigBee information keypads the KP-29ZBS/KPT-29ZBS to radically simplify system operation. The KPT-29ZBS provides proximity or NFC (Near Field Communication) tags.


  • Options of reporting paths: IP and 3G

  • 2-km communication range and superb reliability

  • 50 wireless zones to integrate 50 RF or ZigBee sensors

  • Alarm reporting formats include DTMF CID reporting, modified CID/SIA reporting over TCP/IP, SMS reporting and video/image reporting

  • Works with IP cameras, PIR cameras, PIR video cameras for visual verification and real-time monitoring (up to 6 IP cameras and 6 PIR cameras/PIR video cameras can be added)

  • System functions controllable via the Vesta Home App or Vesta EZ Home App on your smartphone

  • Home automation to automatically operate home appliances

  • Supports RF and ZigBee devices

  • Works with Power Meter Switch, Power Switch and Dimmer Switch for energy management and lighting control

  • Easy web, SMS or app programming

  • Remote firmware updates to acquire the latest features

  • Compatible with ZigBee information keypads the KP-29ZBS/KPT-29ZBS to simplify system operation

  • Certified to EN 50131 Grade2, ClassⅡ

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